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Sprung Flooring Systems

Sports Flooring

Sprung Floors  is an expression which incorporates a “cushion” floor system that can provide protection to Athletes/ Extreme Sports People/ Ballet/ Dance/ Performing Arts and 9 Metre Parachute Jumps.  Basketball/ Volley Ball/ Gymnastics and the Performing Arts all require a Sports Floor that is a “Sprung” Floor.

The “spring” which must form a part of any Sprung Flooring System, is the ability for that flooring system to “absorb shock” and to recover (rebound or spring) back to original state, instantly !

“Air Thrust” is a unique form of Sports Flooring that is a Wood Floor System which is mounted on a “Cushion-of-Air” construction.

Sports Timber Flooring Systems

Sprung Flooring and Sprung Timber Floor Systems the world over are often effected by their lack of “subfloor” ventilation.  The unique design of the “Air-Thrust” Sprung Sports Floor/ Performing Arts Centre Flooring System is that the “cushion-of-air” construction allows that more than 50% of the air entrapped beneath the flooring system, is fully vented with any dynamic activities that are undertaken on the surface of the Sprung Flooring System.  Because of the unique attributes which are built into the “Air-Thrust” type system, the “Cushion-of-Air”  construction enables dynamic shocks to be instantly “absorbed”.  Pure pneumatics is at play by causing an instant “response” in the floor to “spring”  back  or “rebound” to its original position with energy.

Because the “Air-Thrust” type system is mostly installed as a Wood Floor System, the important advantages of “instant response” / absolutely “common” response throughout / a certain amount of “slip or glide” is possible.  “Air-Thrust” type Wood Flooring Systems are uniquely selected by Defence Forces in which 9 metres parachute jumping occurs.  This is because of the unique “totally common response” in the Wood Floor System which is not possible with conventual wood floor systems.  In these, one can land over a pier or between bearers and joists which can often lead to serious ankle injuries.

Sports Flooring For Gymnastics & Performing Art Studios

Ther Performing Arts have people who perform extraordinary gymnastics and athletic feats in dance and other performance.  It is the demand of these athletes that places such a high requirement on the need for “protection” by way of a very efficient Sprung Floor System which can  absorb the “shocks” and assist the body movement by the “spring” of the floor system.

The “Air-Thrust” type system is most usually installed with a Hardwood Flooring System in the form of a very light coloured Mosaic Parquet Floor.  The use of parquetry as a multi-direction  Wood Floor System, allows it to be installed anywhere in Australia in up to 4,0000 m2 at a time, without any intermediate requirements for construction or expansion joints.

These facts have been well recognised in the extensive works effected by the Thrust Floors Group over the past 54 years with many major stadiums being constructed in Cairns and far north Queensland, Darwin and many projects in Asia.

Many key installations carried out in both Australia and elsewhere are well represented among an impressive array of well known structures that are listed on the “Air-Thrust” catalogue that can be down loaded from this web site  (press here).

“Air-Thrust” type floors carry an unmatched 35 Year Guarantee.

The “Care & Maintenance” of our “Air-Thrust” type Sprung Floor System is so much easier than for any other wood flooring system.  This is because of the very tightly fitting nature of the parquetry flooring playing surface.  When sanded and finished it produces a very “slick” surface with excellent “glide” and is totally free of the open gaps and spacing joints that must be built into conventional hardwood floor boards.  These must provide for a minimum of 10mm of internal expansion every  6 metres across the width of the boards.

No matter how often you clean a normal board floor, dynamic activities causes sand and grit to jump out of the joints and onto the playing surface of the floor, causing cuts and scratches and excessive wear to the surface.  The most powerful performance of our “Air-Thrust” Sprung Flooring System is best exemplified by Wollongong Council’s 28 years  of outstanding performance from the Sprung Flooring System installed in the Beaton Park Basketball Stadium, for school and community use every day of the week.  The 28 years of extraordinary performance before the first occasion that these floors were resurfaced, delivered extraordinary savings to this Council, when similar facilities can often require resurfacing in as little as 2-4 years !

“Air-Thrust” Sprung Floors offer more than just outstanding performance, but the ability to generate significant savings in the area of scheduled maintenance all backed by the company’s unique 35 Years Guarantee!

Client Testimonials
At Thrust Floors we place the highest importance on delivering a superior flooring experience to our customers. Thanks to this commitment we have earned a reputation as one of the leading flooring companies in Sydney. Take some time to see what our happy customers have said about us!

We had our floating floor installed by the the team at thrust floors and had no problems it’s over 5 yrs old now and we have no complaints.

Scott F
Sydney, Australia