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Care & Maintenance Tips

Caring For Your Floors
All our products meet the requirements of Australian Standards 1261/ 1262 – 1972 and International Standards I.S.O. 9000.
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The Do’s and Don’ts

The maintenance of our full range of products can broadly be covered by detailing maintenance of the following floor finishes.

Generally speaking, however, the maintenance of any parquet or hardwood flooring system is very simple and quite economical. The prime requisite with any floor is to keep dirt, dust or grit to a minimum.

By using a fine hair broom and/or an electrostatic dust control mop, your floors can be kept in a very clean condition. Hardwood flooring finished with any of the following surface coatings should be maintained only with a first quality spirit based wax polish. These waxes are available with varying degrees of slip retardants which make them highly adaptable for use in almost any situation.


The only equipment we recommend is the Aussie Suction Polisher which the company distribute extensively. This machine is beautifully balanced, well designed and sensibly protected to ensure that other finishes are not marked. This equipment used with “Gold Coloured” Beartex Pads will keep your floors clean in appearance and will retain first class traction on the surface of your courts.

Client Testimonials
At Thrust Floors we place the highest importance on delivering a superior flooring experience to our customers. Thanks to this commitment we have earned a reputation as one of the leading flooring companies in Sydney. Take some time to see what our happy customers have said about us!

We had our floating floor installed by the the team at thrust floors and had no problems it’s over 5 yrs old now and we have no complaints.

Scott F
Sydney, Australia