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How To Choose A Timber Species For Your Floor

How To Choose A Timber Species For Your Floor

Choosing a timber floor for your home is one way to ensure you have floors that are durable, beautiful and easy to maintain. Many people choose their timber flooring species by the colour or the pattern, but there is more to it than that if you want to ensure your floor looks good for many years to come.

While many people rightly believe timber floors to be durable, it should be remembered that timber is a natural product and can be scratched or damaged through carelessness, the same as every other flooring choice.

But if you choose the species with care, the possibility of having scratches or dents in your solid wood floor will be much less likely. Some timber species are softwood while others are hardwood, with the latter much less likely to suffer damage. However, even with hardwood there are degrees of hardness, so how can you tell which species of timber is the least likely to scratch?

1. Janka Scale – The Janka scale measures the degree of hardness in timber, so by talking to a timber flooring specialist about it, you will find out just how hard or soft your choices in timber are.

2. Your Lifestyle is Important – Lifestyle will also play a part in choosing the right timber for your floors. If you have a young family, or a pet that is allowed inside – or even whether you often entertain formally, these are important considerations.

3. Your Preferences – Of course, it is still important to pick a timber based on the colours and patterns you like. Many people like lighter colours that give the room an airy, spacious look. Others prefer darker colours or the deep reddish browns that can look stunning. Many wonderful patterns and designs can also be achieved with parquetry flooring, a Sydney favourite.

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