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Five Tips To Maintain Your Timber Floor

Five Tips To Maintain Your Timber Floor

Timber floors are Sydney’s favourite type of flooring, and it makes sense to look after this investment by looking after them.

Timber is just like many other flooring choices in that it can be damaged if it is not cared for correctly. For instance, some kinds of cleaning products are not at all suitable for timber, and should be avoided if you want your floor look great for a long, long time.

Avoid Drowning Your Floor

While many people mop their floors with a very wet mop, this is not the best way to clean a timber floor. Timber absorbs moisture and swells, so if there is any tiny break in the protective finish, the timber will swell and crack, or warp. Therefore, it is best to sweep or vacuum on a regular basis and only damp mop your floors about every second month.

You can spot clean obvious marks with a damp cloth and wipe dry immediately – and only use cleaning products that are suitable for timber floors.

If liquid is spilled on the floor, wipe it up quickly.

Get Rid of Grit

‘Air cleaning’ means simply using a vacuum cleaner on your floor. But its important to not use the rotating brush attachment or any carpet attachments. Only use a hard floor attachment when air cleaning your floor. And do it often because grit is one thing that will act like sandpaper, rubbing the shine off the finish and causing it to look patchy and worn.

Bring on the Mats

Using mats at entry points will help to keep grit or dirt off the floor, as it will usually rub off shoes or bare feet into the pile when you walk on it. But make sure that they are not completely backed with rubber, which can cause dull patches on the floor. A combination of felt and rubber is better.

Avoid Steam

Steam is hot and wet; it can ruin the finish on a timber floor and cause warping and cracking. If you must use it, choose the lowest setting on the steamer and be sure to dry the floor afterwards if it looks wet. Make sure there is plenty of cross-ventilation to help the floor dry quickly. Use a fan if you have to.

No Sunbaking

It is not only bad for you but bad for your floor, so keep those curtains or blinds closed if the sun is shining in the windows. Hot sun can fade the colour of your floor and also dry out the finish.

With simple care, your timber flooring will still look great after many years, and will continue to add warmth and value to your home.