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Timber Flooring Mortdale

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Timber Flooring Mortdale

Drawing on nearly 50 years of focused, reliable, and professional service the team of flooring professionals at Thrust Floors are passionate about delivering a tailored and unmatched level of service to residents throughout Mortdale. Timber and European oak flooring is our speciality, with our experienced team being capable of meeting all tastes and requirements. Thrust Floors aim to turn your flooring dreams into reality, with a particular focus on custom flooring, allowing Mortdale residents to achieve the exact look they’ve envisioned.

By meeting with our flooring experts, Mortdale locals can be sure that their needs will be met, as we will offer you a number of visually-appealing, character-rich and distinct options.

Enjoy the natural look with laminate or hardwood flooring

Custom Laminate & Hardwood Flooring Mortdale

Do you want all the prestige of hardwood floors without the associated expenditure? At Thrust Floors we aim to make our services available to all, regardless of the size of their property or their budget limitations. Easy to install and maintain, and constructed from highly durable timber and wood materials, our hardwood flooring in the Mortdale area allow you to enhance the interior appearance of your home with little hassle or expense. Comprised of a visible layer of traditional hardwood, and several layers of fibre board beneath the top layer, engineered flooring is a durable alternative to other forms of timber flooring.

Those looking for an affordable alternative to hardwood in Mortdale can consider laminate flooring. Scratch-resistant, affordable and attracted, laminate flooring allows you to attain the look of hardwood flooring but at a lower cost and with less upkeep required.

We stand by our promises

Thrust Floors specialise in oak flooring, providing Mortdale residents with superior quality materials that are perfectly installed by our team. Perhaps the best expression of our expertise is in the form of our parquetry flooring. Mortdale residents wishing to add a unique touch to their homes can do so with parquetry flooring, which is available in a variety of intricate designs.

Parquetry flooring instantly evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication, which is understandable when you consider its original use among the aristocracy of 17th century France. Whether you wish to transform your entryway into one that expresses your refined tastes or completely change the look and feel of your entire home, parquetry can help you achieve those goals. From European oak flooring to French oak flooring, Mortdale locals can enjoy parquetry in a variety of different timber options and finishes, allowing you to achieve the exact look you desire.

For superior flooring in Mortdale and surrounds, there is only one choice – Thrust Floors! To discuss the many benefits of our selection of engineered flooring options Mortdale residents and beyond can call us on 02 9533 9577.

Client Testimonials
At Thrust Floors we place the highest importance on delivering a superior flooring experience to our customers. Thanks to this commitment we have earned a reputation as one of the leading flooring companies in Sydney. Take some time to see what our happy customers have said about us!

We had our floating floor installed by the the team at thrust floors and had no problems it’s over 5 yrs old now and we have no complaints.

Scott F
Sydney, Australia