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Timber Floors Sydney

The warmth and natural beauty of our prized Australian and South Pacific wood can complement any decor whilst adding luxury. Our unique and alluring timber floors have added a layer of class to Sydney homes. No matter the size or shape of your home it can be enhanced with our superior and durable timber floors.

If you’re looking to bring the great outdoors into your great indoors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our range of wooden floors. Our Sydney showroom is the ideal place to find a range of ideas for your flooring, from solid and hardwood to engineered timber and laminate flooring. Sydney home owners, it’s time to embrace the natural look in your homes and businesses!

So, which style is for you? Read on to find out the right wooden floors in Sydney for your flawless finish.


In Sydney, the practicality and timelessness of solid timber flooring just can’t be beaten. What many people love about this finish is that it remains in fashion year after year. Get the look with your choice of colours and grains to ensure your solid timber flooring in Sydney is the perfect match for your desired look and feel. Our solid timber flooring solutions can improve the durability of your home’s flooring and provide much-needed warmth and character. If you want to make your home truly your own you can with vibrant and organic solid timber flooring.

Hardwood Floors Sydney

When you install hardwood timber flooring in your Sydney home, you’re selecting a style that’s set to look and feel full of youth and shine each and every time you step on board. Whether it’s today, or in twenty years’ time, hardwood is sure to get the compliments you desire with every footstep. Our exceptional hardwood flooring can benefit all types of home or dwelling, making them feel beautiful, inviting, and modern.


In Sydney, many homeowners are concerned with the environment when it comes to installing flooring. With engineered timber flooring, you can enjoy the natural wonders of lumber without the worry – this engineered construction is a combination of nature and knowledge to give an eco-friendly finish.

Now you’ve got the know-how you need on wood floors. In Sydney? Drop in to our friendly showroom to find the finish you’d love for your flooring today.

Sound Proof Flooring Sydney

At Thrust Floors we aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive flooring experience. Alongside our superior timber flooring options we also provide expert and tailored sound proof flooring solutions to properties across Sydney’s metropolitan area. Able to prevent tenants in surrounding properties from being disturbed by your movements our sound proof flooring successfully insulates vibrations from travelling through walls and floors. For more information about our approach call us today on 02 9533 9577.

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