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Parquet Flooring Sydney

At Thrust Floors we want to bring a feeling of warmth, elegance, and class to homes throughout Sydney. Many people choose this look to achieve a three-dimensional look, however there are a range of reasons why parquet flooring is the ideal choice for style and sustainability including:

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Resistant to sunlight and scratching
  • Simple installation for your home or business
  • Can be designed to your unique pattern preferences
  • Long lasting and hardwearing so you won’t face excessive renovations in years to come

Our unique and high-quality parquet flooring solutions are suited to homes across Sydney, bringing out the best in home interior decoration and design.

Custom Parquetry Flooring Sydney

The aristocratic look of parquet flooring in Sydney pays homage to designs dating back three centuries. Originally developed by the finest merchants in Europe, there’s an obvious reason this style has made its way across time and space – it’s the simple fact that parquetry flooring is simply stunning.

Australians across the nation have fallen in love with the look of grandeur in custom parquetry flooring. Sydney and Melbourne are just some of the hot spot cities of Australia embracing the flooring of yesteryear to achieve a flawless, traditional setting for their floors.

At Thrust, our appreciation of yesteryear combined with our knowledge of current trends make us the leaders in parquetry flooring in Sydney.


There is a range of designs to draw inspiration from for your parquetry flooring in Sydney. But one of the best places to find styling stimulation is inside our very own showroom. Some of the more popular designs in parquet flooring in Sydney include the hexagon and herringbone, however the team at Thrust Floors can allow you to bring a touch of creativity to your home in our Sydney location.

French Panel Flooring Sydney

Able to evoke an old-world level of style, class, and prestige, our French Panel Flooring solutions can deliver beauty and grace to Sydney homes. Available in a number of different layouts and patterns you can customise our superior timber products to suit your individual tastes and desires.

Mosaic Parquetry

Panel floor construction design