Floating Timber Floors Sydney

When it comes to apartments, businesses or two-storey homes, many people opt for floating floorboards in Sydney. But why are floating timber floors in Sydney such a common (and praised) choice by experts and everyday customers alike? Just take a look below. Our floating timber floorboards have been installed across Sydney, delivering countless benefits to homes of all shapes and sizes.


These floorboards are isolated from the structural platform they are installed on, meaning there is actually an area which absorbs and muffles sound between the boards and the flooring they are laid on. For busy businesses or private homes this is often a real positive, ensuring privacy with your new floating floorboards in Sydney’s busiest suburbs.


For customers looking to take their privacy to an even greater level with floating timber floors in Sydney, there is even a range of isolated ratings which your new floorboards can be tested against to ensure your sound proofing is at an optimal level.


Since your new floating floorboards in your Sydney home are isolated from the structural platform of your building, damage to your original flooring when removing or changing your floor design is kept to an absolute minimum. For many, this means a change in style is simple as the years pass and fashion changes. Contact our showroom today to test floating timber floors for yourself. This new, iconic product is not to be missed! For more information about why you should have our floating timber floors installed in your place Sydney residents and beyond can call us today on 02 9533 9577.

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